Ice Canyon

Underneath Greenland's ice, world's mega canyon

Despite several years of satellite and geographical surveys over world’s largest island Greenland. There was much unknown about its properties of bedrock that lies beneath the Greenland ice canyon that covers more than 86%of the land. Scientists watching Greenland's enormous ice sheet have discovered what appears to be a 460-mile mega canyon far underneath the ice is the world's largest island. Radar images taken by NASA shows it’s buried below Greenland ice blankets, covering more than 3 kilometers. The groove is about half longer than Arizona's 445 kilometer Canyon, but not as deep as it ranges from 200- 800 meters. The canyon extends from middle of Greenland to its northern shore, and it's possibly 4 million years old. It’s difficult to determine the time it will take to melt or erode due to increasing global warming.

According to prof Jonathan Bamber a scientist, lead study author and a physical geography professor at Bristol university, United Kingdom he said it pretty deep and thought it’s a river system and that it was there long before ice was and perhaps was modified by the ice sheet that cover it. The ice sheet, is more than 3 kilometers deep, is heavy that it makes the island to sag hence moving it from 500 m to 200 m below sea level. This leaves with the world to wonder what lies in the areas or the Antarctica that still are not explored.

It was discovered by surprise this is due to intense focus on Greenland as due to rising global temperatures. British Antarctic Survey held it’s amazing to discover such a huge geographical feature. The canyon runs downhill, melt water from the ice below sea level at the northern end – at a relative trickle, rather than a torrent. nasa have also confirmed same about the ice canyon. Glaciologists says that the canyon is important in transporting sub-glacial water produced at the bed towards the Antarctic Ocean.

Snowy Town Of Qaqortoq

The Popular Snowy Town Of Qaqortoq In Greenland

Snowy Town of Qaqortoq is one of the largest towns in the country with highly fascinating and attractive scenes. The town was established in 1770s and currently is a home of thousands of inhabitants. The town has previously and continues serving as a destination to various travellers and visitors of the area due to various factors including stunning sites which describe the town.

Various things that add to the increased taste of the Snowy Town of Qaqortoq include several prehistoric sites inclusive of various cultures that pre-existed many years ago such as Thule, Norse and Dorset cultures among others. Another popular feature is the thrilling fountain that depicts whales that sprout water and is one of the oldest tourist attraction scenes in the region. There are also various sculptures all of which are as a result of a project known as stone & man.

Accessibility of the town is highly enhanced by various means of transport. For instance, air transport is properly utilized in linking the town with various parts of the country as well as the globe. Recent suggested improvement into this was the Siumut strip for landing with various assessments for possible airport sites. In addition, terrain vehicles are readily available for land transport. Also, Greenland being an island is served by sea transport with one of the most popular ports in the region.

Snowy Town of Qaqortoq is, therefore, a renowned suitable destination for both business and elite travels as it serves not only economic roles but also tourism role. The economic sector is characterized by such primary industries as fishing, administration as well as service industries. Since tourism is the main contributor to the economy of the town, various facilities such as hotels have been established to promote the industry thus making it one of the most exciting towns globally.

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